What are your next steps in project development?

The project is in development. The first release is scheduled for April 21, 2024. You can find the project roadmap at https://babyhalvingv2.vercel.app/#roadmap

Where can I find BABYHALVING documentation?

You can find the BABYHALVING White Paper with all project and token information by following the link: https://docs.BabyHalving.com/

Do you have any ongoing contests?

You can now join our Zealy campaign: https://zealy.io/cw/babyhalving Follow announcements on our social media channels to not miss our new events. I can't find the answer to my question in the FAQ section. How can

BabyHalving help me?

You can ask your question in our Telegram group, Twitter, or contact the support team on our website or via email team@BabyHalving.com.

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